Re:evolution (#101) 014x083

Re:evolution, #101 from Quantrian Series 2

Pixels are canvas.

Code is a brush.

Data makes art.

Quantrian Series 1: a limited collection of one hundred uniquely generative artworks from a quantumly random algorithm and personal curation process.

NEW Quantrian Series 2: a collection, still in process, of digital collages produced from randomly-selected pairs of Series 1 images assigned to the artist to cut, layer, blend, and reconceptualize.


There are too many muses to count throughout the history of abstract and generative art, but by far the most significant to Quantrian are:

  • Piet Mondrian
  • Vera Molnár
  • Ellsworth Kelly
  • Agnes Martin
  • Josef Albers

Read more about them.

Shown here: Rest and Reaction, #094 from Quantrian Series 1.

Shop Prints, Notebooks, Apparel, NFTs, and More

Many Quantrians are available as a fine art print through VSUAL with a variety of options for size, stock, matting, and framing.

Select Quantrians are also available on notebooks, purses, phone cases, tote bags, apparel, home goods, and other swag through Redbubble and Contrado.

NFTs are available through OpenSea in collections for Series 1 and Series 2.

Shown here is a blanket inspired by Evaporati, #029 from Quantrian Series 1.

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